Chance porcelain signals
 A. B. Chance bought up PP Inc. in 1956. Began marking
insulators "CHANCE" in the first part of 1959 and continued this
marking to present day.

  Reported styles: U-291, U-292A, U-296, U-300

  Reported colors: chocolate brown, white, cobalt, yellow,            
brown, sky tone
white Chance U292A
 dark brown Chance U292A
dark blue Chance U292A
cream/yellow Chance U292A
radio treated brown Chance U-292A
light blue Chance U292A
All signals on this page are U-292As. The
first 4 are ink stamped (black ink or
cream/white ink) on dome, the last 3 are ink
stamped on the skirt. All have glazed
pinholes. All have deep inner
petticoat-to-thread (distance from bottom of
petticoat to the first thread). The pinhole
tops are only slightly concave and all but
one have a small pontil like protrusion in the
center of pinhole top.
Radio Treated