Cook porcelain signals
   Headquartered in Cambridge, Ohio and produced in Byesville, Cooks were manufactured from the early 1920's to sometime in the early 1930's. All on this page have glazed pinholes. All have fairly deep inner petticoat-to-thread (except for U-308). Pinhole tops are slightly concave.

    Reported styles:
U-249, U-283, U-289, U-291, U-293, U-295, U-297, U-308

    Reported colors: brown, chocolate brown, yellow, white,
light honey yellow
U-289 incised on crown.
brown Cook U289
U-297s incised on crown.
white Cook U291 dark reddish brown Cook U297
mottled brown Cook U297
light cream/yellow CookU297
U-308 lightly incised in skirt
dark reddish brown Cook U308