Other Collector's Signals
Unique porcelain signals from other collections.
"Maltese Cross" incised on bottom of the skirt of this U-310 belonging to Todd Fitzgerald. Photo by
Johns-Manville specimens owned by Bill Rohde. Recovered from Pittsburg dump.
More very unique signals also owned by Bill Rohde and also recovered from Pittsburg dump.
Macomb U-239B owned by Jim Crandell.
No Name U-239C owned by Elton Gish.
F. M. Locke U-242 owned by Elton Gish.
Macomb U-244B owned by Elton Gish.
Pink glazed Thomas. Owned by Phil Mayhew. Photo by Zac Mirecki.
Neat unique glaze, owned by Zac Mirecki.
The center signal is embossed just on top of wire ridge "O.P. CO". Owned by Jim Colburn. Phot by Jeff Hogan.
This "unique" and certainly one of a kind Thomas was "altered" at the factory by what we can only assume was a disgruntled employee. I'm posting the two pics "as is" if I get any objections I will alter the image. This signal is a part of Mid Norris' collection.
Pics with this ICON symbol have been copied from ICON with permission.