PINCO porcelain signals
   The Porcelain Insulator Company (PINCO) located in Lima, NY. Began production in 1921. In 1960 the Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Company bought up PINCO.

    Reported styles: U-288, U-292, U-293, U-295A, U-298,
U-300, U-301, U-308A, U-317A, U-342

    Reported colors: brown, cobalt, caramel, white, blue-gray,        light blue, yellow
Three U-288s. First 2 are incised on crown. Signal on left is marked "PINCO" the signal on the right is error marked "PINOC". The third 288 is incised on dome "PINCO-V".
Six U-292s. The first three are date coded & ink stamped on skirt. Encircled/boxed "PINCO" with dot or dash over or under letter id coding for production year.
Dot over "C" is code for 1949.
Dot over "C" is code for 1949.
Dash under "I" is code for 1957.
Marked on dome. Dot over "O" is code for 1950.
Ink stamped on skirt "PINCO-(#)" over "62". Number next to PINCO is production line code and "62" is production year.
Nine U-300s. Incuse markings range in location: A) dome B) crown-to-dome edge C) crown. Marked either "PINCO" or "PINCO-(letter)". Letter is production line designation code.
Two U-305s. First is incised on crown "PINCO" over "305" this is an unlisted marking.
Second U-305 is incised on crown "PINCO- O" or "Q"
U 342 incised on crown "PINCO-V"